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Children’s Theatre, the professional children’s performance company of Jean’s Playhouse, writes and performs eight children’s musicals every summer. Each is different and all promise a good time for both you and your kids!

Enjoy performances each Wednesday and Saturday at Jean’s Playhouse in Lincoln, or catch performances at venues throughout New Hampshire. Your kids will love the catchy original songs and wacky characters, all performed by the professional Children’s Theatre company!

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Children’s Theatre Schedule for 2014:

Claremont Opera House
11:00 am
Capitol Center for the Arts
9:30 am
Jean’s Playhouse
VARY See information below*
10:00 am
Theater in the Wood
9:30 am
Jean’s Playhouse
1:00 pm
Plainfield Town Hall
2:30 pm
Capitol Center for the Arts
2:00 pm
Silver Center for the Arts
2:00 pm
Littleton Opera House

10:00 am at Waterville Valley Rec in WATERVILLE VALLEY – 7/3, 7/24, 8/7 ONLY
9:30 am at Tapply Thompson Community Center in BRISTOL – 7/10 ONLY
9:30 am at Colonel Town Recreation in LANCASTER – 7/17, 8/14 ONLY

Children’s Theatre tickets can be purchased through individual venues. Tickets for the Lincoln performances are $7.50 and can be purchased online or by calling the Box Office at (603) 745-2141.

2014 Children’s Theatre Productions:

Little Red Riding Hood: June 23 – June 28

A hungry Wolf is always a sign of trouble, but does he meet his match in a clever little girl, her feisty granny and a brave woodsman?  Or this time, does the wolf win?

Rumpelstiltskin: June 30 – July 5

Locked away in a tower room, the lovely miller’s daughter has been ordered by the King to turn straw into gold. Impossible?  Not with the help of one strange little man with a very peculiar name. But the man has his own list of demands in exchange for his help…

The Princess and the Pea: July 7 – 12

The lonely Prince wants to marry, but the King and Queen insist on a suitable bride.  A mysterious girl has just arrived in the middle of a terrible storm; she could not possibly be a real Princess… or could she?

Beauty and the Beast:  July 14-19

“She’s different from the rest of us, that Belle.”  A magical rose, a beautiful girl, and a “hideous” beast are just three of several charming characters in one of the most enchanting fairy tales ever written.

Excalibur!: July 21 – 26

“Whoso pulleth out this Sword of this Stone and Anvil is rightwise born King of England.” With the sage counsel of his wizard friend Merlin, young Arthur learns his true destiny.

Rikki Tikki Tavi:  July 28 – August 2

A mischievous young mongoose has been adopted by a family living in India, but when two angry Cobras appear looking for trouble, Rikki learns how to be a hero.

George and the Dragon: August 4 – 9

A monstrous dragon is terrorizing the countryside! (Only he’s not really a monster at all.) A brave child and a poetry-loving Knight strike up a special friendship. Now they must convince the townsfolk that they are in no danger…

Cinderella: August 11 – 16

The classic rags-to-riches story of a girl who dared to dream, a Fairy Godmother who makes it all possible, a very charming Prince, and one dazzling glass slipper.

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Our 2014 Children’s Theatre Season is Sponsored by the Mountain Club on Loon!

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