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Mothers can make a lot of things seem possible except for one: exercise. How can you find time for such when there is no time? Between carrying out those household chores, school, meeting the demands of work and more, there is no time left for moms to sweat. But if some hard-working, fit moms can do it, you probably can too. Here are some tips to staying fit while being responsible at home and with your career.

Make It Your First Activity In The Morning

Don’t wait until after work. Do some exercises before the day gets away from you. Every day, there are just a lot of things that come up.

Set A Specific Time

Setting an appointment will always make you show up. Use this strategy to find time for exercise. If you mark it on your calendar, you will feel more like an appointment that you have to fulfill. Make it a part of your day and make sure that it is non-negotiable.

What Will You Do For A  Workout?

After finding the time and the right motivation to workout, determine what will you do for a workout. Knowing exactly beforehand what you want to do makes the plan more doable.

Let Your Kids Join You

One of the most difficult to find as a mom is the “me time.” When it seems impossible to do some work out alone, it’s probably best to do it with your kids. In fact, seeing you lift those heavy objects, flexing some muscles will make your kids witness how strong you are and how much you enjoy working out. This can also add to your list of bonding time with them.

Run With Your Kids

If your children’s early wake-up times are getting in the way of your early morning jog, run with it. Instead of letting it spoil your scheduled run, make it a fun time. Sing and chat during your run together. Although it needs a little more planning since involving the kids means dressing them up and having some things packed with books, snacks, and drinks. But it’s a great opportunity to spend time with your children while also doing some exercise.

Go Over Your Schedule

Did you know that we have unused chunks of time each day? The 30 minutes we spend on social media. Those 15 minutes we spend reading email. Examine how you’re spending your time and determine which activities you could get time from. Either you put them all together and use them as a time for your workout or spread your activity throughout the day.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

There will be days full of tantrums, days of being sick, or days filled with the mess that seem to multiply every minute.There are days when you will only have time for a few miles instead of the 8 or 9 miles you planned on your workout plan. Learn to accept the time you have and make the most of it. Don’t stress when you miss a day. Quit comparing yourself to others. Just do what you think is best for you.

Make It Worthwhile

We all know that as a mom, your priority will always be spending more time with your family. When you travel, work full time, and do other things, it always means having less time with your kids. So make the time not spent with them worthwhile. If you decide to go to the gym or run instead of spend time with your kids, you have to make sure that you are getting yourself motivated the whole time.  

To stay fit is difficult, but to put fitness into your busy schedule is even more difficult. In fact, exercise is usually the first activity that gets removed from the calendar. However, it can be done with some planning and a little careful consideration of what could happen next. Your top priority should be your health or well-being. When mommy is healthy and happy, there is a better chance for everyone to be happy and healthy as well.

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