Practical Tips For New Moms To Be Healthy


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Regardless if you had a healthy pregnancy and birth, your newborn baby with so many needs can quickly drain the time and energy that you have for self-care. But health must be a new mom’s priority as well. Parenting experts from New York City suggest that a healthy, happy mom makes for a healthy, happy child. This means you also need to take good care of yourself in order to rebuild your strength. Follow these practical tips and get your health back on track.

Write Your Health Program

Put your goals for daily exercise, quiet time, social time, and other important things into writing. You can even use a calendar to so you can be reminded, plan ahead and remain focused.

Take Advantage Of Your Baby’s Nap Time

When you finally put your baby to sleep, make the most of it. Do the things you can only do when the baby is not awake. Do a 30-minute exercise. Prepare something healthy in the kitchen and feed yourself. Take that long, steamy shower that you have been waiting. Watch a movie on a DVD. Go online, check out what’s happening around. Or if you feel like staying in bed for some nap as well, go ahead. Get some rest. You deserve it.


As your body recovers from childbirth, so should your mind. Make sleep and rest part of your health program. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Feel free to excuse yourself when friends or families visit and get yourself some nap. Find time to get that well-deserved rest wherever you can.

Improve Your Immune System

Get vaccinated against seasonal flu and make sure that your TdaP shots are updated to keep you protected against whooping cough. Check your diet. Make sure you are eating a lot of lean proteins, foods that are rich in antioxidants like apples and berries, including dark greens to give you a stronger immune system. Drink lots of water to keep you well-hydrated and flush those toxins out of your system. Your body has undergone a lot of changes during pregnancy and childbirth. You need to heal and recover. Aside from rest, you have to keep a healthy diet for fast healing and recovery. Stay on the healthy path; you wouldn’t want to come down with a cold or some bug for sure.

Ask for Help

In order to make time for yourself and achieve your health program, you need to ask for help and other’s support. Ask a family member or a trusted friend to babysit your baby when you have to sleep or do some exercise. You may also hire a babysitter. Have someone else help you with the household tasks as you try to adjust to your new role as a mom. This way, you can focus on your needs and the baby, instead of the messy house and the dirty laundry.


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