Practical Tips to Stand Out at a Trade Show


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Trade fairs have lost none of their attractiveness. You can only make mistakes because trade shows are not just among the cheapest promotional measures. Therefore, in addition to a well-organized exhibition stands UK suitable for the brand and the message, a lot more needs to be considered in order to achieve a real “return on marketing investment”.

Finding the right audience, choosing the right fairs

Of course, there are very complex selection procedures, how to find the right fairs. These are available in numerous books and are certainly just right for the companies who are thinking about more than 400 square meters or more of floor space for a major trade and consumer fair. But even for smaller trade fair presences, you should start a few basic considerations, which are related to the general objective of fairs.

For each trade fair you want to attend as an exhibitor, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I meet existing customers at this fair?
  • Will I meet potential customers at this fair (my target group, which I also attract with other marketing tools)?
  • Is the fair established – or is it still unclear whether it will be a success?
  • Are my competitors (the real ones) present?
  • Can I afford a stand, the preparation, and follow-up that fits my importance in the market and the professionalism of my offer and company?
  • Does the trade fair organizer offer professional help to prepare for the trade fair appearance?
  • Does the trade fair organizer provide detailed information about the expected visitors?
  • (Number, type, wishes/expectations of the visitors …)
  • Do I have sufficiently trained employees for a well-staffed stand?
  • Can I learn something at the fair? (about the market or the competition, but also by the industry itself. Many fairs offer excellent lectures and workshops, not just for trade visitors).
  • Do my existing customers and distributors expect us to be there, perhaps because we have been a regular exhibitor for years?

If you say “yes” more than 5-6 times, then you should consider the Mass. If this is not the case, you simply need more information or the fair is not the right one for your trade fair objectives.

(Good) preparation determines the success

More than 80% of the trade visitors prepare intensively for the trade fair day. They study the content of the fair catalog, search the exhibitor pages on the Internet, network in the various Xing or Facebook groups and search for so-called “private exhibition or congress communities” like-minded people and specialists who attend the same events. In addition to the classic tools to optimally prepare for a trade show, these tools are the best way to meet the following goals:

  • To find existing or former customers and to target them specifically for a termination.
  • Identify new contacts who might be considered as future business partners.
  • To draw attention to yourself, through sympathetic information, what you can experience and what competence you will find at the fair.
  • Ask the organizer of the trade fairs, in which you want to take part as an exhibitor, which possibilities are offered, in order to draw attention already in advance of a trade fair with the trade visitors and use these instruments consistently.

Attract attention at any price – use every contact opportunity

As almost always in marketing, a single action is never as successful as a bundle of parallel actions. This applies before, during and after the fair. Consider which contact options or contact points a consumer or trade fair offers next to the stand.

During the fair, you will best consider your stand as a “runway” and the accompanying measures as pilot services that will land as many professional airmen as possible. Promotions, competitions, sponsoring and many communication options are offered by almost every trade fair. Use them!

The more emotionally you stage your message, the more successful you will be. A small (but funny) present, distributed at the entrance to the fair (of which the other half can only be obtained at the stand), often works better than a competition that is obviously just an address catcher.

Tip: Vote each measure in advance with the organizer. At almost all fairs it is not allowed to send undeclared (and paid) promotion teams through the halls and aisles.


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